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Wedding Planning Adventure: Songs/Music (Ceremony)

Filipinos love music in any form, we are so passionate that for sure there would be a song that they could relate it to their own life, or on a time of their life. And YES!! I have songs that could relate into any part of my life :-)

It's part of our culture, Filipinos loves music so much that we cant live without it may it be doing our chores, studying or even when we are taking a bath, we love to hear some melody to hum with and am guilty of this, it doesnt mean that I could sing, Hell Yah! I could sing, opps!! I love to sing but the songs doesnt love me back hahahahahah but it does not stop me from belting out a tune when needed :-)

That's why finding the right songs to be played during the ceremony and reception is such a tedious task for any couple, it's their way of sharing their life to their guests thru the songs that is being played, songs that could make them cry and laugh at the same time and maybe bring them back to their own memory lane.

So, compiling these songs made me an emotional wreck today, it's a tough job but then I realized I start doing it and hoping it would get better as I add some new songs heheehehehhe.

OK, to start compile all your favorite songs, then decide which songs would be played in the ceremony and reception.

For this post, am compiling the songs that I am considering to use our ceremony.


For those who knows me, this is a no brainer its on my top list of wedding songs I love this song for eternity and this is the only song I could score 100 in any magic sing hahahahah. I stumbled upon the site  dizzysfingers  when I was searching for some piano versions of the songs that I wanted and guess what he almost have everything hehehehhe. Thanks Mr Dennis, you're one AWESOME guy!!! you are truly heaven sent :-)


 Again, one of my favorite song and another rendition from Mr Dennis.

It Might Be You

Ok, this is one of my guilty pleasures I fell inlove with this song because of Aiza and because Papa Aga Mulach made a movie with this as a theme song but then listening to the lyrics...hmmm?? I can see asking Jowaness the same question hahahahah... considering this to be my bridal march too :-)
This is another AWESOME rendition of Mr Dennis of dizzysfingers 

How Did You Know  




This was hard I have so many choices so for the meantime am putting them here until I am able to trim the list down, I could picture myself walking down the long aisle of Mt Carmel in all of these songs... bummer!!!! help!!!

Traditional but then its so lovely.


This was a great find, I got it from the The Excited Bride site, she has this list of songs compiled and categorized. The VSQ youtube site has tons of songs to choose from and all of them are great :-)


This was another find from The Excited Bride site, I just can't thank her enough. The first time I heard this song was from my friend Benedict's  connecting tone and instantly fell inlove with it, planning to suggest it to Jowaness as our first dance it conveys things that I want to tell him heheheheh ( Ewww!! Cheesy!! ) but when I heard this version.... it went to the top of my list as my bridal march :-)


Another from The Excited Bride site isn't she AWESOME!!. I heard this song from a wedding that I've attended and immediately loved the song and the first person that pop into mind is Jowaness, well we've known each other for almost 16 years and been together for 13 years doesn't that translate into a thousand years???? and then I found out that it's the bridal march of Bella in Twilight... and heard this song as a bridal march twice!!! hmmmmm? decisions.... 


If you have any other songs that you want to suggest or help me decide which one to choose please feel free to leave me a comment :-)

I would make another post for songs that Iam compiling to use in the reception.


Who's Name Comes First, the Bride's or the Groom's?

Have not been posting for days.. or even a week I think, Finally the wedding prep bug is giving me space and now am slowly getting a break hahahahah not that am complaining I love doing some research, emailing possible suppliers ( reminder to self : have to short list the suppliers and update blog), arranging my wedding digital file and the list goes on.

When I was doing our stationery mock ups my jowaness commented that his name should come first and I just reacted WHAT??? hahhahaha. I know for invitations its BRIDE + GROOM but how about the rest?? 

So, I asked Google     

Who's Name Comes First, the Bride's or the Groom's? 

source : 

After pondering this with a bride-to-be yesterday I decided to post this question and get others thoughts!! What is the etiquette surrounding who's name goes first on all the wedding details? Typical protocol says that prior to the wedding day (on Save the Dates, Invitations, etc.) that the bride's name precedes the groom's. And after the wedding day (on Thank You cards, Address Labels, etc.) that the groom's name precedes hers. Ok, makes good enough sense...
But what about DURING the wedding on...
Welcome Bags, Programs, Favors, Guest Books, Cocktail Napkins, etc? 

Seems like there are Two Options:

  1. Stick with the protocol above and decide per item. Welcome bags at the hotel? Not married yet, so go with brides name first.  Favors at the Wedding? You are a "Mrs." now so place the groom's name first.
  2. Or use your Personal Preference. It seems the strict etiquette really applies mostly to the formal stationery, so for other items use your personal preference on what looks and 'feels' right to you.

Ok, now it's time for me to make some amendments : -)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wedding Planning Adventure : Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao ( Chancery )

 The biggest thing that any couple would be deciding during their wedding preparation was choosing the Church that they would love to have their ceremony. For me and Rodel I was the one that made the decision I was insistent that we have to our ceremony at Our Lady of Mt Carmel, I was happy...  more of ecstatic when we were able to get it as our ceremony venue, this was it.. We are really getting married, it was a sign :-)

I told the story why I was praying to have our ceremony at Mt Carmel in my previous post, Wedding Adventure: Our Lady of Mt Carmel Shrine Parish Church.

Lo and behold amidst my being ecstatic Rodel told me since I've been in overseas for years now that we have some additional requirements that needs to be submitted to the Chancery office of Diocese of Cubao as if the Church requirements are not already a handful :-(

He has to send me a copy of the General Norms on Wedding Preparation that the Church has given him

Ok fine!! another thing to put into my long checklist :-)

Rodel went to the Diocese of Cubao and he filled out this form and he was interviewed by Ms. Bessie. Then he was given this list of requirements.

Don't Panic!!!! Most of the requirements are the same as the Church requirements the only additional thing is that I need have a Sunday Bann and Freedom to Marry Certificate from ROM Singapore ( I could do this online and pick it up :-) Yahoo!! )

We need to submit the requirements and only then we could attend the Pre-Cana and do our Canonical Interview.

Hmmmm? I think I should speak to Ms. Blessie and Mt Carmel when I am in Manila.

DIY Project - Pocketfold Invitation

I am super dooper excited, finally I am able to start with my DIY projects, hours of browsing the internet and trying to find the materials needed Ive finally made several... yes! you read it right several mock ups of our invitation.

I really wanted to have a pocketfold for an invite. I could save the trouble by just ordering it online or in one of the shops in Manila I could even have it letter pressed but then I saw a lot of sites offering free download of templates and I know I could make the pocket fold easy peasy lemon squezy hahahah

There's this cool website which I love, most of my mock up invites came from it. Printable Invitation Kits its 100% free and they could also customized the design according to your wedding colors for a minimal free.

Burgundy Floral Border Wedding Invitation

Birdie Couple Free Wedding Invitation

Butterflies Wedding Invitation Template

I also made a main invite from word document

It's kinda easy once you get the hang of it, you just need to invest some time creating your template

Main Invite  5"X7"
Inserts       5" X 7.5" ; 5" X 7" ; 5" X 6.5" ; 5" X 6" ;  5" X 5.5";  5" X 5"

I don't know how to attach the template here, if you are interested I am more than willing to share the template just leave your email in the comment area :-)

In the middle of my DIY project I decided to make a new monogram, my sister and jowaness wanted the birds invite but then it does not match into the theme of the invitation. I know I did include it because I find it super cute but then we are not in our twenties, I did not expect that they would love it :-) 

I love Printable Invitation Kits, I was able to create a monogram that has birds and hearts!! Yeah!!!

I used it for tag in our ribbon.

I was able to take some photos, hoping I could share with you how you could make your own pocket fold invitation, would update this post when I've finished with my invitation :-)

As of now, I still have not decided what main invite we are going to use :-(

Warning to all DIY brides, you would use a lot of paper. Seeing the invite in your screen does not give it justice, you have to print it using the paper that you want to use for your invitation, I've changed my invite paper 3 times, so just prepare yourself.

It could be frustrating but trust me one could go print crazy .. been there 

Again, what matters is that you enjoy the journey.

Pocketfold Invite TUTORIAL

OK!! I know I said that I would post here the step by step directions on how I was able to make my invitations.

Here is the site that I stumbled upon that gave me the inspiration to do the 1st mock up

It was not bad, but it just did not give me the THIS IS IT!! feeling. I made some adjustments to the measurement still following the instructions here and KABOOM, I was able to produce a main invite courtesy of  Printable Invitation Kits and inserts by following the tutorial below

My templates : Pocket fold Invitation

Costing (sgd)
Material            UP         Output Qty        Price
Envelope          1,50             10                 0.15
Invite                0.40               2                 0.20
Backing            5.10              20                0.25
Inserts              5.35              13                 0.41
Jacket               3.95              20                 0.20
Ribbon             4.90              100               0.05         
                                           TOTAL/PC    1.26 (php 41.42)      UP 105.00 php

source : Elle_Neotoma's Pocketfold Invite TUTORIAL

(edited to suit my templates)

I created these using Microsoft Word and my printer.  The paper was 8.5x11 110# text and cover in white from Office Max.  As for the internal margins, you can change them to suit yourself.

Edwarian Script (Cursive looking font)
Tempus Sans ITC (regular font)

Entourage :          5" X 7.5" &  5" X 7"  
Map :                    5" X 6.5" 
Information:        5" X 6"   
RSVP:                  5" X 5.5"  
Others                  5" X 5"
  1. Create a new document and set the page to landscape
  2. Change the margins to the smallest you can (mine was 0.2 for right and left, 0.5 for top and bottom)
  3. Insert a text box and set the wrapping to “In line with text”
  4. Set the size to height 7.5" and width 5”
  5. Set the internal margins inside the text box to left 0.2, right 0.5, top 0.5, and bottom 0.1 
  6. Set the line color of the text box to a very light gray or to any color that you want I did mine in red.
  7. Line = the box outlining the textbox, don’t color the interior 
  8. Type your info and insert any clip art that you want
Follow the first three steps same as the 1st entourage card
set the height 7", width 5", internal margins 0.3 right, left, top and bottom
Copy and paste Insert 1 to make Insert 2 (all 2 inserts should fit one page) Type your info
Print and cut

Page 2
Copy and paste Insert 2 to make Insert 3 
Insert 3: set the height 6.5" , width 5", internal margins 0.2 left and right, 0.1 top and bottom
Copy and paste Insert 3 to make Insert 4
Insert 4: set the height 6", width 5", internal margins 0.2 left and right, 0.1 top and bottom
Type your info
Print and cut
Page 3
Copy and paste Insert 4 to make Insert 5 
Insert 5: set the height 5.5", width 5", internal margins 0.2 left and right, 0.1 top and bottom
Copy and paste Insert 5 to make Insert 6
Insert 6: set the height 5" , width 5" , internal margins 0.2 left and right, 0.1 top and bottom
Type your info
Print and cut
And finally after so many mock ups may I present to you our FINAL invitations for our Filipino Guests :-)

 Our Templates

Main Invite from Printable Invitation Kits Butterflies Wedding Invitation Template 
Inserts Bo and Ding Wedding Invitation

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wedding Planning Adventure: Entourage Outfits

 One of the most stressful part of wedding planning is choosing your entourage outfits. Yes, I know that the bride has the last say but then its not that easy. And getting married in the Philippines the couple is the one shouldering the cost of the outfits.

There's a lot of things to consider.

The time of day and the degree of formality suggest the certain parameters within which you want to select your wedding party's attire. Try to keep the costs within reason or consider paying a portion of the costs for your attendants as a gift to your party.


 The type of fabric and color of attendant's dresses are determined by the bride's wishes. The dresses should complement the bride's gown and overall look of the wedding.
You will want your attendants to feel and look comfortable so not only consider how each will look in the dresses you choose but you should ask for their opinions on the dresses you choose.
Normally, the bridesmaids are dressed alike in similar style and color dresses but the newest trend is moving toward having different styles in one color or different shades in one style. Another trend that is growing is separate tops and long skirts instead of one complete dress or gown. If the bridesmaids' shoes will be dyed to match their dresses, they should get their shoes at the same shop to ensure the color is an exact match.

Maid/Matron of Honor

The maid or matron of honor is normally dressed the same as the bridesmaids but just in a different color. If you choose to dress the maid or matron of honor in the same color as the bridesmaids, you will probably want her to carry a larger bouquet to set her apart from the others.


The bride and groom's mother's dresses should complement the overall look of the wedding in regards to style and color. The bride and groom's mothers should consult with the bride on what each will be wearing, the color, length of dresses as well as if gloves or hats should be worn. The growing trend for mothers is gowns with matching shawls or sheer jackets as well as coats. Also, the latest colors are jewel tones, neutrals, and lots of muted colors.

Flower Girl

The flower girl's dress may match the bridesmaid's dresses in color and length but it should be tied into other aspects of the wedding. The dresses can be knee, tea, or floor length but keep in mind the comfort and practicality of the dress.
Some wedding dresses have flower girl dresses that match or have similar elements such as beading or lace. If your flower girl's dress is white, you can add a sash to match the color of the maid or matron of honor or bridesmaid dresses.
For shoes, ballet slippers are normally worn in white or pastel matching the color of the dress. To dress up the slippers, you can add lace or baby pearls around the opening of the slippers. If the flower girl is carrying a basket of rose petals, you could add a flowered wreath woven with colored ribbons to her hair to complement her overall appearance.

Wedding Planning Adventure : Reception Venue

This is so me... once I get started I won't stop hahahahah..
Well, I did started this blog for me to have a space to organize my wedding preps and of course to share my journey to anyone in the WWW :-)

So now, lets talk about reception venue. We've been able to booked my dream Church Our Lady of Mt Carmel Shrine now its reception time, its where the party is, the most anticipated part of the wedding why wouldn't it be. You have food, drinks, sweets, singing, dancing, laughing and maybe the occasional tears.

So finding the perfect venue is not an easy task, especially if you're an overseas bride. I rely on pics and reviews from the internet and my email conversations with their account executive. But then I was able to narrow my search into 3 venues that I would definitely visit during my June holiday in Manila.

And top 3 are:

1. Light of Love Events Place

1163 Santol Street is a property formerly owned by an artist Romel Tuazon’s family. On May 2009 this place was opened to the public as a wedding venue acquiring the name: Light of Love, which offers a wide parking space, a caterer’s area, and maintenance and security staff during the event, as well as courtesy rooms for wedding couples and debutantes.
Light of Love’s gates open up to a tree-lined driveway illuminated with suspended lights among its branches. The main building is an old mansion against a backdrop of a luscious garden surrounded by trees of up to 60 years old and a magnificent landscape.

Source : Hizon's Catering

 LOL has 7 areas that you could consider having your reception.
Let the moonlight and stars shine upon your intimate reception underneath the glass covered skylight.
I love the chandelier, I could imagine how it would look like at night

The plus factor for this is the balcony.

I've been communicating with Anthony he's nice, he answers my emails promptly even if our wedding is still next year for that mega points 

Address: 1163 Santol St,
Quezon City, Metro Manila,

Tel. Nos.: (632) 714-3871
Telefax: (632) 714-7989
Email Address:

Office Hours:

9AM - 6PM Monday to Saturday
Sunday and holidays are reserved for
special appointments

2. Oasis Manila

This was recommended by my Tita Mileth, she was able to attend a wedding at Oasis and she was impressed with this venue.

Did some research and found out that its just a stone throw away from Mt Carmel, points! points!

Emailed them got their wedding package rates, they're expensive than Light of Love with the almost the same inclusions and same accredited supplier, their rates vary if your having your reception in the morning - early afternoon or late afternoon - night or what venue you want to book sob! sob! sob!

but they have this super budget friendly payment scheme points! points!

 Orchard Ballroom
Orchard located on the topmost of the new building that can accommodate maximum of 200pax. This venue offers more intimate feel and at the same time a full view of the Garden area and the city. It also has Ceiling drapes and Crystal drops similar to the Pavilion because of it's square shaped function room

Verandah Ballroom
The Verandah located at the 2nd floor of the new building that can accommodate up to max capacity of 350 pax. It offers full view of the garden and pond through its clear glass sidings (from floor to ceiling). It has a grand lobby that can hold cocktails activities before the reception. Ceiling with drapes and crystal drops to add elegance to your events. Access for our open balcony overlooking Mt. Carmel Church and top view of Garden area that is perfectly landscaped and intelligently lighted to add garden ambiance to your venue.

Maan is such a help, she is aware that our wedding is next year and yet she answers my emails promptly which is a good sign, and the ladies in Girl Talk forum loves her.

169 Aurora Boulevard
San Juan, Metro Manila

Office Hours: 
9AM - 6PM Monday to Saturday
Sundays 1-5PM
Holidays 10AM-5PM

Phone: (02) 726-6832 / (02) 721-4585

3. Plaza Ibarra

I found Plaza Ibarra on one of my internet searching, and glad I did. They don't have this grand landscape to boast but their venue is equally beautiful and read good reviews about them. 

Their package rates is in par with Light Of Love and since they do their own catering I won't worry that we wouldn't have enough food.
And among the three AE I've been in contact with Chris is the best, not only does he answers my emails promptly, I have this feeling that he is nice and accommodating its just the way he writes his email.  

Address: No. 77 Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
Telephone Number: (632) 922-6868; (632) 413-0706

Now am excited to finally visit these places and I do hope I would be able to book one of them :-)

Wedding Supplier: Onair Videography ( On site with aerial )

Have not posted for a while, decided to have a break from prepping and actually go back to my life of single blessedness :-) . But somehow it would creep once in a while. And it did creep in a good way.

I was so decided not to get any videographers  for our wedding, just think about this how often do couples watch their wedding videos versus them looking at their wedding photos.

Then I had a talk with my Ninang Tita from Spain, she would not be able to attend the wedding for according to her its a long flight and just asked me to send pictures and of course a video of the wedding.

Panic mode!!!

I really have no idea what to expect from a wedding videographer so I was quite duh!! when a my cousins offered to be our videographers.

But again after talking and explaining to me what to expect...Ho and behold..I was hooked and excited especially about the aerial thing.. a view from above.. haiz!! i think it would be dramatic and just awesome.

And most importantly problem solved without breaking a hole in our budget, they offered us a good rate, since they are just starting this business they have had this introductory rate to offer the wedding couple.

I am not bias, and promoting them just because they are my cousins they are passionate about their craft, their company has been doing mostly events and now they are venturing into weddings. Gerald used to work for a videograpghy company which specializes in weddings, Christain is working for a editing company and Paul John is studying Multi Media Arts at APC.

Early last year Gerald started this business with his brothers... alas!! Onair Videography was born.

Their package inclusions are

2 Videographers/Cinematographers on Location
3-5 mins cinematic edit of wedding highlights Same Day Editing (SDE)
1 Edited Full Wedding Video in DVD (20-30 min final edit) *
1 RAW Full Wedding Video in DVD **
1 SDE Video in DVD ***

Supplier:        Onair Videography
Contact:          Gerald Cauman
Location:       54E M.H. del Pilar St, 1600 Pasig
Telephone:     +63 939 222 3573
Website:         onAir Aerial Videography

Sunday, March 03, 2013

THIER side of Our STORY

Our story is 1 decade and 6 years in the making :-) . Writing our story would be a feat but then with a little help from my friends you could get the idea with their sharing.
Special thanks to Kuya Bart for giving me the idea!

From Kuya Bart

Back in 1996, I met these two wonderful people who taught me almost everything I need to know on how to be a better person, how a friend should be and how to have fun in life. They are part of what I am today. I have a big respect to them not only because I am way younger than them but also I am a Probinsyano(from the province)who lives away from my family. For me, they are the family that I have in Manila.
Vic2 is actually our manager but she hangs out with us like we are all equal. When I met Vicvic, I knew that she’s a cool person. And since I already have the coolest biological sister, I want to have two. That is why I have vicvic. She’s my duet partner in long walks. She’s the only girl in our group but she eats like us boys. But seriously, she’s a big sister to me. She’s there through the ups and downs. And yes I owe her big time in those tough times of my life.
Rodel is our comedian. He doesn’t run out of lines and jokes to make us laugh specially Vic. He is Vic’s immediate response guy when she needs help or something. A dependable ally wherever you go.
But Rodel is also Vic’s number one critic (and vice versa). They always argue about anything. Maybe that was the reason why they end up being a couple because they deeply know each other for more than a decade. They started as friends to enemies to lovers. If I am not mistaken, the Titanic movie is also the culprit. They watched it twice in a row I believe.
I love you both! You deserve each other.”