Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wedding Supplier: Hizon's Catering Services

If you know the Galang Siblings, you would know that we love food!!! Just look at my and Chiqui's FB page we always post pics of food hahahahahha.
 I think it was something that we got from our late Dad, he would usually bring us out to eat at good restaurants. I remember him saying to my Lola whenever she complains how expensive the food is " Nanay, its better to spend my hard earn money in feeding my family good food, I could not bring it to heaven when I am gone" This would usually make me and my sibling laugh. Well, it did stuck, we would not hesitate spending money in good food.

So you know how stressed I was in choosing a caterer, Hizon's is one of LOL accredited suppliers. And since they've been in the business for so many years, I contacted them before my visit to Manila to schedule a Food tasting with them. Maricar our AE again is nice and helpful.

We were scheduled to attend their Grand Food Tasting in The Circle Events Place. I was excited, now who should I bring to represent the taste buds of Kuya Pau????

Luckily Mr. Yerzy Carbon, he is our eating buddy in Singapore was in Manila, so this is a no brainer for me.. he would represent Kuya Pau and if ever my siblings does not like the food I could always say it was Yerzy and Jowaness who choose the food hahahahha.

So the three of us went, me, Jowaness and Mr Carbon. Hizon's Set up was nice and surprisingly modern hahahahah.

And while we were waiting for Maricar, we had time to take some photos
See, Mr Carbon we have proof that you are with us during the food tasting hahahahah (peace!)

After Maricar explained to use their package it was eating time!!!!!
I liked their food, although I don't remember now what are the items that I wanted to be served during our reception, Maricar did assure me that we could still attend their food tastings whenever am in Manila and our final detailing would be in March.

Now I just need to choose the set up that we wanted, I am lucky that they just launch their new set ups in June,

Maricar sent me thru emails their new set ups and there are so many to choose from, I thought its going to be easy but then I was only able to narrow my choices to 4.

Candlelight : White and Silver
 I find this clean and classy, instead of white flowers it would be red for a pop of color and of course the thunders would love this, there is no black hahahahahah.

Damask : Black and White
I love this!! It has my favorite color black hahahahah again for additional color we could change the flowers into red. One thing am not comfortable with this set up is the high center pieces it seems that it might block the view of the guests.

Gothic : Black and White
Again, may favorite color change the flowers into red and it would be perfect. Ok I know that I am not into tall center pieces but don't you love those bird cage like center pieces???

Shabby Chic : Red and Blue
Ok this is totally not me don't panic. I love this set up maybe we could change the table cloth into black.

I am just so happy that we are able to book Hizon's as our caterer their package is affordable and do they do have a lot of freebies and upgrades.

Contact: Maricar Alcobendas
Telefax #: 925-0107/ 925-0103
Cel #: 0917-5919610

Address: 22 Renowned Lane Sanville Project 6, Quezon City, Philippines
Website: Hizon's Catering Services

Wedding Supplier: Light of Love Events Place

 During my visit in Manila last June finding a reception venue is one of mymajor things that I need to tick off my list. I told Jowaness that no matter what we have to book our reception venue even if we still have a year to go before our day.

We had 3 reception venues that we need to see but frankly I've been leaning to Light of Love (LOL), people might say I am crazy for loving a place to much that I have not seen it personally, well who would not fall in love with Atrium.

It was the dramatic skylight and chandelier that made me love this venue, so old school it made you feel that you're in an old house during the Spanish Era or something like that hahahahaha but then pictures are did not give it enough justice you have to see it for yourself.

The most it could accommodate is 180, now my dilemma is how to make sure that our guest list does not exceed 180 or change our venue. 

Maybe I should consider changing it to Loyalty which could accommodate 300 guest, well the brighter side would be having a bigger dance floor.

That's enough ranting for now :-)

I am just so happy that we had booked LOL before I left Manila.

 Who would have thought that behind these gates awaits a big surprise.

Entrance to Atrium
The guests would be greeted by these two adorable guards.
Their vast gardens

Oh this is the 2nd thing that I loved about LOL its their trellis that leads to their Cherish, Trust and Loyalty Venue.

Can't wait to have our engagement shoot in March :-)

BTW, Kenny our AE is very approachable as in nice!! he gave us a tour of the place and he answers my emails promptly which is a plus factor being an overseas bride.

Light of Love Events Place
Contact: Kenny
Address: 1163 Santol St,
Quezon City, Metro Manila,

Tel. Nos.: (632) 714-3871
Telefax: (632) 714-7989
Email Address:
Website: Light of Love Events Place

Office Hours:

9AM - 6PM Monday to Saturday
Sunday and holidays are reserved for
special appointments

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wedding Planning Adventure: Wedding Gowns in Singapore

Finding the dream gown is one if not the hardest thing a bride to be has to tick out from her long list of to-do's. I for one was quite stressed out, to top that I am not a size 6 person, I am a plus size bride arghhhh!!!

People would expect me to have my dress done in the Philippines, of course I would love to have it made in Manila but then if I factor the airfares making the gown in Singapore would be the sane thing to do, I have no intention of flying back and forth for my gown fittings.

It's decided am going to need to find my dream gown in Singapore and thus need to put my Googling skills into work. I've found a few bridal gown shop that is within my budget, the next step is to visit their place together with my trusty bridesmaid Lorena we visited and had tons of fun.
Affordable Made to Measure Wedding Gowns in Singapore.

1.  Vivian Gown

I've been in contact with Ms. Vivian thru email, you could send her your pegs for qoutation. She's answers promptly to emails. So I just have to make an appointment with her, she did say I could try her gowns.. I was jumping they have my size!!!!!

She has around 5 racks of gowns, so one could go crazy and of course I could only try a few pieces.
I was able to try 4 gowns in all and my favorite are these 2. If you happen to like something it's either you take off the rack display, she could do minor alteration or get a gown made to measure free alteration to your hearts content. Her prices is affordable.

She would suggest was is the appropriate cut of gown based on your body type, she is easy to talk with very accommodating.

Plus points!!! I could take pictures :-)

Price Range: 300 - 800 sgd
Craftsmanship: Very Good
Contact Person: Ms. Vivian
HP 94550375

2. A love Affair

 You would have around 4-6 racks of gowns to choose from, unfortunately I could not try to gowns, Lorena for the fun of it tried a gown that I liked.

Ms. Fluer is nice. It would take around 3-4 months for production and if you need to alter the gown she could recommend a seamstress.

Price Range: 300 - 800 sgd
Craftmanship: Good
Contact:Ms. Fleur
Phone: 92401768

3. Elas Dress

Elas Dress was our last stop for our search, The shop is near our place and she has around 8-12 racks of gowns. And they also have my size. I was able to try on 4 gowns. I was happy and I think I found my dream gown.. which was unexpected. I've envisioned myself in a ball gown, full lace applique, sweetheart tube but then the gown that I fell in love with was none of those, when Lorena saw me, she was " Mama! The gown is you!!!" that was it I was sold.

Ms Ella is friendly, accommodating if only we had more time to try on some more gowns. Opps!! It was Ms Ella who asked my to try on "this is it" gown.

Price range: 600 - 1500 sgd
Craftsmanship: Very Good
Ella - 9335 7479

I need to choose from Ms Vivan and Ms Ella, I have to make a decision by December both of them have 3-4 month production time. Haiz!! decisions!!!!

For any Pinay Singapore based brides you could check this forum page from the Female Network

 Girl Talk : Brides in Singapore  

You would be able to get some advice and ideas on how you could go about your wedding preps :-)

Wedding Planning Adventure: Songs/Music (Bridal March)

 I am so excited to post this long overdue, got the good news a few months back I think. Well, I did have a post about Songs/Music (Ceremony).

I think my friends and family would expect me to walk down the aisle to Looking Through the Eyes of love since this is my go to song during our karaoke session but then I have this secret.. I love the song Ikaw, this is one if not the only tagalog song that I love listening to and believe me I did try to sing it but then I was not successful and it never made it to my repertoire of karaoke songs hahahahah

For those who are not familiar with the song here is the lyrics (Tagalog with English Translation)

Here's the translation:


You are God's fullfillment
The answer to my prayers
So that in all the time
Every moment
The one I'll love is you

You are the light of my world
The half of my heart
No one else is here even for a moment
That would ever change me
Now and forever it'll be you

All of my moves
It's because of you
If there is tomorrow that i am looking forward to
Because there is one that is you
Forever is not enough
For every moment to..
For over and over is..
I will love is you..

I know the lyrics could be cheesy but then I exudes the emotion of someone so thankful that he has found the right one hahahahhaha. I do have a cheesy side. There are so many versions of this song my personal fav is Mr Martin Nievera and for fun here is a version wherein an American sings Ikaw .

On my previous post,  I've listed some songs that I wanted in our Ceremony in Our Lady of Mt Carmel, in the post I also wrote that I stumbled upon this pianist named Dizzyfingers.

I was amazed on how good he is, I think I spent hours listening to the songs on his Youtube page. I messaged him requesting if he could do his interpretation of the song "Ikaw" told him that I wanted it as my bridal march song, I wasn't expecting an answer but he did, he told me that he doesn't know how to play the song but he is getting a lot of request that I should give him time.

Frankly, I forgot about it. And one weekend I got a message from Mr. Dennis (AKA dizzyfingers) informing me that he had uploaded a 2 versions of Ikaw on his Youtube channel. I was not only shocked...I was speechless, touched and emotional this is the best wedding present I could receive and it came from someone that I didn't know, see guys there are still GOOD people out there and I believe that Mr Dennis is one of them, he shares his talents, he has a big heart. just read the comments on his channel and you would know.

I could have just added this to my previous post, but then Mr Dennis deserves a post dedicated to him as my way of saying Thank you.



Listening to his rendition made me cry, Ok am not trying to be a drama queen but I am a very emotional person, you should see me when a watching Beauty and the Beast or Despicable me, I would be a mess. Anyway back to the point.. 

I am so happy, I could already picture myself walking down the aisle to this song. I just need to choose which version.

To Mr Dennis, my heartfelt thank you for taking time to learn the song and I know I said it too many times but am really thankful from the bottom of my heart and if ever you are in Singapore please please contact me.

For you guys who reads my blog if you want to listen to good music please follow dizzyfingers in you tube.

Wedding Planning Adventure: Songs/Music (Ceremony) - See more at:

Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Project: Felt FLowers (pompoms)

I've tried doing several felt flowers and this is my first DIY posting. I am so excited because this is easy to do give and take 15 minutes, over the weekend I've chucked my work one side and decided to make a Dahlia and pompom flower, planning to use it for our groomsmen boutonniere and bridesmaids wristlets. The pompom flower won for our bridesmaid wristlets. One of my bridesmaid Lorena dropped by and she brought home both as a accessory for her bag :-)

What do you need: felt paper,scissor, glue,pen,glass and clothespin.

How do you do it:
1. Trace your circle, I used the base of the glass.

2. Cut 10 pcs of the circle.

3. Put a drop of glue in the middle of one of the circle.

4. Fold into half.

5. Put a bit of glue in the base of the half circle.

6. Fold in horizontally. 

7. Let it dry, I used a clothes pin to keep it in place.

8.You would be needing 9 petals.

9. The 10th circle would be your base.

10. Glue one of the petals on the base like it's a quarter of a pie.
11. Add another. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the petals are all pointing in the same direction. The side with one edge should touch the side of the next petal with two edges, and so on.
Continue to glue four petals to the base. This is your first layer.

 12. Glue the next four petals in the same way to make the second layer. Stagger the petals.
13.Add the last petal in the center adding glue to secure. Glue this into the center of the flower.
14. Fluff the petals and enjoy!
Wasn't that easy?? Depending on how you are going to use it, you could attach a pin behind but you should make it sturdy by gluing a circle cardboard and another felt circle in the bottom. 

I love this pompom flowers so much!!! If I haven't folded so many of the Kusudama Petals I would definitely use this for my bouquet... hmmm?? maybe I should just find where I could use the Kusudama flowers instead...

I would update this post on how I used these pompoms flowers on our wedding aside from being our bridesmaid wristlets.

Happy DIYing :-)