Monday, September 30, 2013

Wedding Supplier : Rvee Santiago Photography

I did tell myself when I started this blog that I would only post on the weekends or when I am on vacation, but then am so happy that I was finally able to book Rvee Santiago Photography Services.

 I am a person who loves to have my picture taken. So choosing a photographer for my big day is important to me. I wanted someone who is easy to talk with and who takes good pictures since the pictures would be the only reminder of our day.

Jhune Santiago (my sister and I BFF) introduced Rvee to me during my visit in Manila. Rvee is easy to talk, humble and you could feel that he would take care of you and what surprised me is that he is the one that suggested that we should meet up, he earned a pogi points for this. The day that we met, it was raining heavily I did not expect that our meet up in Shaw Residenza would push through but he did came and another pogi points earned.

When I went back to Singapore I began to stalk his FB page Topshot Photography and Concepts By Ronald Santiago and I was in constant chat mode with him, he is so accommodating. I noticed that he is getting more and more clients by the day so I went into panic mode even if our schedule to officially book him is scheduled in November. I insisted to book him today and pay our DP :-)

He is a talented, big hearted and God fearing person I know he would go places and make a name in the industry so I really need to be his client.

So why am I making such a fuss... look at his works the following are my favorites, click on the picture to see the album from Rvee's F Page.

ArJay + Bing Wedding
and who would not love his defying gravity shots

This gave me an idea for our pre-nup session, should ask if its possible for Jowaness to defy gravity so that I could be in heels hahahahah :-)

Rvee is re-branding his services now its Rvee Santiago Photography which I think is a good move and I love the new name :-)

I am so excited for our pre-nup shoot in March. It would be a blast to be working with Rvee.

Now I need to think of what to DIY for our props :-)

Rvee Santiago Photography
Contact: Ronald Vee Santiago
Contact Numbers:
                             GLOBE: 0917-3859242
                             SMART: 0929-5561006
                             PLDT landline: 5516160

FB Page: Rvee Santiago Photography
                Topshot Photography and Concepts By Ronald Santiago

Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIY Project: Kokoru Paper - Minion

I attended a Kokoru Craft party by Crafty Singapore, I don't know anything about Kokoru papers so after attending the workshop I did some Google search.

There's not so much in the web but what I found out is that Paper Kokoru stands for COlored-CO-RRU-gated paper, which is corrugated colored paper, and it's a product from Indonesia.

Before you could start making we should learn some basic shapes.

You could find a booklet in 7 Unique Creation with Kokoru here and or watch this video tutorial.

Let's start doing the basic shapes :-)

After you have practice doing the basic steps now it's time to have some fun!

Kokoru Minion

Saw a video tutorial here it's in Bahasa Indonesia so am going to try to give you a step by step instruction below.

What do we need
  • Glue gun
  • plastic eyes
  • Yellow Kokoru paper (2 strips, 1A4 )
  • Blue Kokoru Paper (2 strips)
  • Black Kokoru Paper (1 strip)

1. Start by making 1 blue and yellow round shape, I used 2 strips for each color.

2. Push out to form a dome shape.

3. Apply some glue to close the shape.

4. Now with the A4 Yellow Kokoru cut out 5 X 13

5. Now let's make the body. Roll the yellow paper into the blue and yellow round shape.

6. Take a strip of blue Kokoru and cover the bottom part of the yellow body.

7. Now let's do the legs.

Cut 3cm of the yellow Kokoru paper and 1.5 cm of black Kokoru paper.

Roll the Yellow Kokoru, then roll the Black Kokoru over the yellow.

Attach the legs into the body

8. Let's do the straps.

Take a 3 cm blue strip and cut into half

Glue the 2 strips into a L shape.

Glue the straps into the body

9. Now the eyes
Glue into the black Kokoru paper the plastic eyes.

Attach it to the body and there you have it... 

I know I know my minion looks like R2D2 but then I had fun doing it. It's still cute.

I was using a glue gun to assemble my minion (I did burn myself a couple of times), I think I would ask my students to use a double adhesive tape and craft glue (transparent of course!)

Enjoy! Share with me your pictures if you decide to make this. :-)

And the lucky person that got this is.... VS Lin!!

Happy Tummy: Modesto's @ Orchard

Kuya Paulo asked me if we could meet in Orchard after attending the Kokoru Crafty Party for he is craving for Calzonne and he wanted to eat at Modesto's.

Modesto's is one of our favorite restaurant and we don't mind walking from Orchard MRT to reach the place, its around 10 mins walk.

Actually, yesterday me and the gang went out for dinner but then I don't want my 1st post in good eats to have any negative feedback heheheheh. (would post it tomorrow)

So what did we order

For starters we had

Grilled farm bread topped with fresh diced tomatoes, basil, garlic and oregano.
$4.00 (2 pieces)

Assorted fresh greens, fresh avocado, button mushrooms, carrots, onions and feta cheese,
served with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Our main, we did not have our breakfast and lunch, I was so hungry :-)

‘Half moon’ shaped pizza filled with cheese, cooked pork ham,
mushrooms and artichokes, topped with fresh tomato sauce.

Home-made flat pasta with Norwegian smoked salmon in creamy tomato sauce.

Home-made lasagna layered with minced beef and bechamel sauce,oven-baked and gratinated with parmesan cheese.
Iced Tea ( we love that its refillable)

 Our total bill was 153 something inclusive of Service Tax and GST.
Me and Kuya Pau was happy, their food taste is consistent. That is why we always come back to Modesto's when we are craving for pasta and pizza.


Ok, you guys know that we love to eat and somehow the Galang siblings doesnt like to share food hahahha, I find their serving size ok, but if you're on a diet I think you could share it.

Modesto's service is by far excellent, the waiters are attentive and polite.

For the food,ambiance and service this is totally worth it :-)

We went home full and happy! BURP!

Tummy Says:

Modesto's @ Orchard
1 Tanglin Road #01-09/10 Orchard Parade Hotel
Singapore 247905
Open daily from 12:00pm
Closing Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11.00pm (last orders at 10.00pm)
Friday and Saturday: 1.00am (last orders at 12.30am)
For reservations and enquiries, please call: 6235 7808

Saturday, September 28, 2013

DIY Project: Kokoru Craft Party

Picture from
Ms Katrina Alana of in conjunction with Kokoru and Crafty Singapore  hosted a FREE craft party and meet-up this month, and yours truly was invited :-)

I got to know them when I attended Crafty Singapore Introduction to Western Calligraphy last June (post about this workshop to follow). The people from Crafty Singapore are a group of talented people (etsy shop owners) and they are nice, humble peeps too, they have been organizing workshops and meet ups. Their goal is to bring awareness of the beauty of handmade products within Singapore.

So let's go back to the workshop, I don't have any idea what happens in a craft party and Ms. Katrina was nice enough to answer the question, they will pick a craft that the group can do together. In this event, it is 3D papercraft using Kokoru papers.

Being a newbie in crafting, of course I was excited to the max.

The materials was provided for free they usually charge a minimal fee for such workshops but Ms. Katrina was able to get a sponsor for the workshop.

They even provided refreshments, sadly I was not able to eat for I was engrossed in finishing my Kokoru project, but I heard that the food was great especially the Carrot Cake (note to self should ask Ms Katrina the name of the shop, Carrot Cake is Kuya Paulo's Favorite)

Upon registration they would ask you to choose a template that you would like to make, I choose the flower pot and bee (i thought it was the easiest which I would learn later that it was not)

The Final product should look like this

After 2 hours mine looked like this

I think I did quite well, I was able to make the pot, flower although the bee is missing :-( for a first timer I am giving myself a pat in the back heheheheh. (would post the step by step instruction)

After the workshop we were given a goodie bag!!!

So I have to say thank you..

Kokoru Papers

Katrina Alana of and Alex Acibar of Photosaurus-Studio

Richard Chan of Unique Grabs

Megha Silvano of by The Art Bug

Jyoti Taparia of Veyadesigns

And lastly...

Crafty Singapore for organizing the workshop with Ms. Katrina :-)

Now I can't wait to start crafting with Kokoru Papers, I am not sure how to incorporate these in our big day but one thing is for sure I would share these with my students :-)