Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Tummy: New York New York

We were supposed to have our dinner with our ex-colleague Raymond at J8 last Wednesday but he cancelled for he was needed at work, so we decided to go on with the dinner without him since the three of us is hungry. I think we all skipped lunch :-) so we went to New York, New York at Leisure Park (Stadium MRT)

The last time we had dinner together was almost a year ago, so its kinda our girls night out :-)

So what did we have

For starters

Clam chowder bread bowl
I ordered the Clam Chowder without the bread bowl, the soup was tasty although it was not as creamy as I wanted it to be, its in the watery side.

Chuchubells Tummy Says:
Then we decided to share some appetizers (Yes! we were hungry!)

We loved their Nachos, the melted cheese is just perfect! although I wished that there was more Guacamole and salsa

Tummy Says:

French Fries in Truffle Oil
From the look of Serena, she loves this the fries was cooked perfectly crunchy in the outside moist in the inside and it was perfectly seasoned.

Serena's Tummy Says:

Buffalo Wings
I ordered this, I was expecting to be served with sour cream (this was my fault for assuming and not properly reading the menu) The chicken was not as crispy as it should be and somehow I miss the celery sticks that usually accompanies a buffalo wings.

Chuchubells Tummy says:

And each of us ordered our main dish

Alfredo Pasta with Ribs
I think it was just not my day, I am a pasta person and I love pasta. Their pasta was cooked al dente which I loved but then here comes the sauce, it should be creamy and cover the pasta nicely and unfortunately mine was not :-( what a waste of good pasta. The ribs that came with it was tender and tasty loved the BBQ sauce.

Chuchubells Tummy says:

Chicken in Mozzarella Cheese
Serena was in heaven when she tasted this, the chicken is tender, seasoned well and of course, the mozzarella cheese was divine.

Serena's Tummy says:

BBQ Ribs
Della ordered the half slab ribs, just like the one in my pasta the ribs are tender and moist covered in perfect BBQ sauce.

Della's Tummy Says:

Eating good food is great but eating it with good company is better :-) Can't wait for our next dinner!

Kallang Leisure Park
No. 5 Stadium Walk
Leisure Park Kallang
Singapore 397693
Tel: 6348 7127
Operating Hours:11.30am - 10.30pm

If i had Thor’s Mjölner for a day, what would i do with it? (Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World)

I am lucky to have a younger brother who is an avid comic book collector, magic card collector and gamer from young. He would be saving his pocket money to buy his things, so even if am the girly type am quite familiar with Marvel's character because of him (this also made me look cool hahaha).

So it was not a surprise that we also loved all the movies about the Marvel's Heroes, so just imagine my excitement when I found out that the new Thor Movie sequel is coming out on the 31st October, Kuya Pau showed me the trailer way back.


What I find interesting about the new movie aside from seeing Chris Hemsworth is how the relationship of Thor and his brother Loki would evolve, am a sucker for 2nd chances I just hope the Loki would be able to redeem himself :-) and lastly the hopeless romantic in me can't wait to watch Thor and Jane story unfold it broke my heart when Thor was not able to come back to earth when he destroyed the bridge.

So now, this question:  If I had Thor’s Mjölner for a day, what would i do with it? I could come out with some cheesy answer like use it to save the world to get rid of bad people but Thor is already doing it, I won't in my wildest dream take it away from him and besides I can't imagine myself in a Thor costume :-)

So let me tell you in Miss Chuchubells way,

Use it to smack those BFF coackroaches - I am scared of those creepy crawlies.

 Use it to crack open crab claws - Who does not love eating crabs? 

 Use it as a meat tenderizer - I love cooking, so this would come handy, It would cut down my cooking time yay!!! cooking steak for Kuya Pau would be a breeze!!

Use it to hammer to hit nails in the wall to hang pictures - It's about time that I display my pictures all over the house.

 Use it as a nut cracker - Ok, I know I have mild arthritis but I just cant say so to those nuts.

 Use it as a Door stopper - Isn't this cool you don't need to worry that the door would accidentally closes on you coz Thor’s Mjölner would not budge ( see the 1st Thor Movie when they tried to remove it, it was hillarous)

That's just some useful things that I could think of, How about you? What would you do with Thor’s Mjölner?

See you at the movies!!

"Catch Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World” in Singapore cinemas this 31 October 2013! For more updates, like the Official Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Singapore Facebook Page, and subscribe to the Official Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel!”

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wedding Supplier: Hype Shots (Photo Booth)

 By now you guys should know that I love having my picture taken heheheheh who doesn't? Anyways I would love our guests to enjoy it too, so having a photo booth is one of my Must! haves in our reception :-)
Sisteret Nica is another Girl Talk find.. or should I re-phrase she found me :-), Nica sent me a message asking if I am in need of a photo booth supplier, she sent me her packages rates and the rest was sisteret bonding hahahahhah. She is also in the midst of planning her big day, so aside from talking about her packages we also talked about our wedding preps.

They have affordable rates and the inclusions are great.

Why did I book them? Aside from their affordable rates? It's sisteret Nica. She never made me feel that am talking to a supplier, our emails and FB chat are fun, relaxed and she answers to your question promptly ( which i know is a big deal for other brides :-) )

I know our "sakal" is still next year and yet she is willing to work with me this early for our template, I just sent her my clip arts that I used in our pocket fold, boarding pass invitation and also for our save the date magnets which I got from Printable Invitation Kits. After a few days I received this

It was what I wanted with a few revisions, I asked her to change it thrice! (Yikes! is this the first sign of being a bridezilla??) and sisteret Nica patiently changed it according to my request, she's just sweet!!! I won't post the final template just want it to be a surprise heheheheh. Now I can't wait to work on the backdrop :-)

HYPE Shots! PhotoBooth
Nica Supleo
09175132766 / 09178075564 / 9976062
FB: Hype Shots Photobooth

Happy Tummy: The Soup Spoon Union

I was down with a flu this week and like everyone else I hate falling sick especially if the doctor gives you 2 days leave to stay at home and rest. It was not my normal sickness wherein I could just work it off, I did not have a choice I stayed home for 2 days which really sucks!!! So when I received and email about this new concept from soup spoon I had to ask Kuya Pau to go during the weekend I have to have my sweet thing fix, I've been craving for something sweet for weeks usually it would go after eating my favorite Hagen Daz  but it did not which again sucks hahahahahha.

So its Saturday off we went to Raffles City. The Union is located at the basement of Raffles City its a all new quick serviced restaurant serving The Soup Spoon, The Hand Burger, The Soup Broth Asia and The Mill Press Brews.

What did we have

For starters, Kuya Pau got Clam Chowder, half Ceasar Salad and Iced Tea. Clam Chowder is one of our favorite at Soup Spoon although the past year we had noticed that their taste is not consistent we tried the Bugis, Raffles City, Ion and Forum Kuya Pau likes the one in Forum so he was not keen in ordering it from RC but then he is hungry so he had to try it.

The Clam Chowder was bland for Kuya Pau taste bud, he still prefer the one in Forum even the iced tea that came with the meal was also not into Kuya Pau's liking it was not Iced Tea-y.


Tummy Says:
Next was our order from Hand Burger, this were the reasons why we went out on a Saturday.

Kuya Pau's 2nd was Portobello Market from their Famer's Brunch Menu, well Kuya Pau loved this he loves Portobello Mushroom it was grilled nicely oh, the grilled peaches are heaven it melts in your mouth and grilling it does brings out the flavor.

Tummy Says:

As for mwah, I got the THE UNION’S SOUPERBREAKFAST, no judgement please I did not have any dinner the night before so I have this big appetite hahahahah (excuses!!) How could I start? Well I just love it, if you're a carnivore like me this would be the perfect breakfast bacon and a sausage yummy!!! The bacon was not salty just enough to get your morning fix the side dishes beans and mushroom was the perfect compliment :-) oh!!! and the bread was soft, you could eat it by itself.

Tummy Says:

 Next to end our meal and the main reason why I dragged Kuya Pau

This was the reason LUXURIOUS RED VELVET WAFFLES I thought they forgot about this, we had finished our meal and it havent arrived, the server was nice enough to inform us that there was a glitched in the system and that it would be served soon.

We loved the grilled bananas ( I think anything grilled is good hahahah ) The waffle was crunchy although the beet flavor was not that prominent. Sadly, it did not stop my craving :-(

Tummy Says:

They serve the Farmer's Brunch menu WEEKDAYS (MON-FRI) 9AM TO 11.30AM • WEEKENDS (SAT-SUN) 9AM TO 3.00PM`

The Soup Spoon Union
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Basement 1 Unit 61

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wedding Planning Adventure: Music Ceremony and Reception

Jowaness was finally able to book the Muzik Qlass band which I posted here the cool band for our wedding ceremony and reception.

Ms. Christine sent the music sequence file together with our contract. So the next step was for me to fill up the form with our song choices they also send their repertoire list.

While I was trying to fill it out, I did not realize that I could get emotional hahahahhaha anyways that would be another post am still thinking if I need to share such details with you guys :-)

Anyways, since I was going to youtube to download the songs and paste a link to the list I decided to post it instead, maybe it would help a bride somewhere, out there beneath the pale moonlight (yes! I was singing it hahahah)

So here is our Music Sequence List

Music for the CEREMONY

Parade of Entourage :
 Looking through the Eyes of love

 Can't Help Falling In Love 

Entrance of The Bride :
                                      Ikaw (instrumental) by Mr Dennis MP3 to be provided

Mass Proper / Wedding Rites

Penitential Rite : Lord, Have Mercy (Kyrie, Eleison)
Gloria : Glory To God - Bukas Palad
Gospel Acclamation : Alleluia (with verses for ordinary time, advent and easter) - Bukas Palad
Wedding Vows: with SDE

Unity Candle :
Offertory : Lord I Offer My Life To You Take and Sanctus : Santo, Santo, Santo
Mystery of Faith : We Remember
Amen : Great Amen
The Lords Prayer : Ama Namin
Breaking of The Bread : Traditional English
Devotion and Communion : Prayer of Saint Francis (Chorale Arrangement)

Signing of the Contract :
                                                            To Make You Feel My Love

Presentation of the Newlyweds (KISS)

                                                                        So Its You


Pictorial Songs:

                                                                When I Fall In Love

                                                                    Endless Love

                                                              The Love I found in You

                                                             When You Say Nothing At All

                                                                Say A Little Prayer


                                                                   At The Beginning


Receiving of the guest Cocktails:

                                                                Till There Was You

                                                                  Georgia In my Mind

                                                                      Close To You

                                                             You've Got A Friend 

                                                                Across The Universe
 Grand Entrance of Couple:

                                                                 Wouldn't It Be Nice

Dinner Repertoire :

                                                                         Get Here

                                                                    Foolish Heart

                                                                Someday We'll Know

                                                                  Always Be My Baby

                                                        Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Cake Cutting and Wine :

                                                               Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Mother and Groom Dance :

                                                            Someone To Watch Over Me

Brother and Sister Dance :

                                                                    I Loved Her First

                                     Wind Beneath my Wings to be sung by Maria Christina

First Dance :

                                                 The Way She looked tonight (Maroon 5)
                                                   to be sung by James Richard William

Prosperity Dance :

                                         Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends

                                              Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

Party Music:

                                                                 Build Me Up Buttercup

                                                 Always Something There To Remind Me

                                                              I Saw Her Standing There

                                                         Crazy Little Thing Called Love

                                                             Save The Last Dance For Me

We're  required to submit 5 songs each for cocktail, dinner and party music and the rest would be decided by the band. I trust their song choices, remember I was stalking them so I know that they are good!

So how was I able to come up with the list?

1. I choose the songs that I know from their list, which was 3/4 of their list. It would help a lot if you get a list from your band at least you would know that they could sing your choices.

2. Trim it down to songs that means something to you and your fiancee. ( I admit am the Michael Buble, Glee, Maroon 5 Fan) the rest came from movies that we love and songs from our era :-)

3. Next listen to the song, check if it would be appropriate for the part of the ceremony or reception

4. Sit down with your fiancee and go thru the list together.

Oh, I also have a song in mind that I wish Muzik Qlass would be able to sing :-)

                                                                     Close your Eyes
Now just have to decide whether it would be our first dance song or if Kuya Paulo agrees to do the brother and sister dance and Chiqui to sing it :-)

I am open to suggestions/request peeps! and for the other brides out there what songs are you playing on you big day?