Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Project: Free Table Number Printables

Whew! few more days and we would be saying Adios to 2013 and Ola to 2014, it also means that were on our 6th month mark before our sakal day. Now am left with the small details which includes my wedding gown hahahahhah.

Anyways, I stumbled upon this website The Time Warp Wife which by the way has very inspiring articles about marriage (I would share more about it in another post). She also has this section about positive marriage qoutes. I was reading through it and it gave me an idea, instead of a typical table number why not put a nice quote that me and jowaness could relate to.

Since the year is ending, I am giving you these Table 1 - 20 chalkboard table number printables. I was able to create 5 styles, pick and choose.  Just click on the image to download. Enjoy!





These are 5 X 7 size, you could choose to print it at home or in your trusty photo printer shop put insert it in a photo frame and there you go.

If you do decide to use it, hope you could send me a photo :-)

Well, if you want all if those pretty Table Numbers you could get it HERE.

Opps!!! Happy New Year peeps!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wedding Planning Adventure: Wedding Gowns in Divisoria

Down to our 6 month mark before our sakal day, I still don't have a wedding gown. Yes, I do have a post that I found my this is it wedding gown HERE but then I have a change of heart rather a change of budget hahahahah. Anyways so my Aunt suggested that we should make a trip to Divisoria during my March trip. I haven't been to Divisoria well I guess there's always the first time.

So, I don't want to spend days in Divisoria in search of my wedding gown so I turned to my lovely sisterets in Girl Talk and W@W.

So here it is, Divisoria Wedding Gown Supplier

Coutuba fashion house,by:paulsantos
Coutuba fashion house,by:paulsantos
    Phone: (63)09991966255/09231967307 
    email :

BGG: Bridal Glitz n Glamour
BGG: Bridal Glitz n Glamour
Stalls 4C-04 and 4C-06, Phase 5 , 168 Shopping Mall
Phone: +63 2 345 6693

Moiras Wedding Fashion
 Moira's Wedding Fashion Boutique
4h-06 Bridal Gown Section, 4th Floor, 168 Mall
Phone: 4019515 / 3138188/2419597

 Ate Vangie Suva
Pasilio B-10 Fiesta Shopping Plaza, Divisoria. 

RG Sabastian FB

RG Sebastian's Barong and Bridal Shop
4i-01 168 Shopping Mall
Phone: +63 906 212 9293
FB: Sebastian Barong and Bridal Shop

Ellen Clavio- Viray Bridal shop
1188 Mall Divisoria, 1012 Manila, Philippines
Phone: 3301911/ 09179760358
FB: Ellen Clavio-Viray Bridal Shop

Ok, thats my list for now. I've sent them my pegs for my wedding dress and now waiting for their quotation.

Would update the list when I encounter any new suppliers in the forum.

If your wedding gown is from Divisoria, please share the details of the supplier or if you want to share your experience in your search please share it in the comment section below.  

From one of my sisteret, Nica of Hype Shots Photobooth 

Liezel's Gown Collection 
Contact Person: Tata - 09226917928 
186 Bldg., 4D-01 4th floor


Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Project: Free Missalette Cover

This is so typical of me, thinking that since am on a school holiday I would be able to update my blog entries regularly :-) well I just proved myself wrong and got a new nick name from Mr Carbon... Bumbelina!!!

Well, I was not bumming the whole time hahahhaha I was able to finalized our invitations for our overseas guests, sent our Save The Dates and as the tittle of this entry states :-) I was also able to finalized our Missalettes and our Missaletter cover and am to excited

So what was so exciting about this? Firstly it was an emotional ride as always when I was editing the Missalette that Our Lady of Mt. Carmel writing our names and reading it made me nervous hahahah plus! a mega emotional me was when I was writing the "In Memory" part haiz!!!!
Well, this also has a comedic part. I asked the "one who can't be named" to check our Missalette not being a Catholic she was asking me a lot of questions and reacting to almost every part of the ceremony. But I do have to thank her for she did an awesome job checking the punctuation and spaces :-)

If you're looking for prayers for our Filipino Customs this site is a big help.

And another part that I loved was that I accidentally learned how to use Adobe!!! hahahahah and I tell you its awesome fun. I was able to make not 1 but 5 Missalette Covers and am sharing it to you guys!!!

The covers are in PDF and PNG file and I also included our Missalette which you could all download HERE .

I know the designs are simple but these is my first time using Adobe.. to keep in touch more FREEBIES!!! to come soon :-)

Any suggestions of what you want?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wedding Planning Adventure: Cheesecake Infinity Dresses

Yup you read it right, am a Cheesecake lady :-) I posted sometime ago about my search on my entourage dresses here. Well, it's been months when I have met with Ms Agatha during my visit in Manila last June, I already have 2 dresses from her before our meeting that is why I was so excited for our meeting.

A burgundy dress that I wore in June for my friends wedding in Singapore. This is my entourage dress, of course I have to order for myself first hahahahahah.

A twofer dress that I love so much makes me feel like am Betty Boop :-) I wore this during our Teacher's Day dinner last September.

And since I loved my 2 dresses, during our meeting she informed me that she has an on hand stock of this midnight blue long dress in my size, of course this is a no brainer purchase for me hahahahah I bought it and planning to use it as my prep dress during our "sakal" day.

Ms. Agatha is super friendly we meet her at Greenbelt and wow she came prepared she had her sample swatches and there are so many pretty colors to choose from, I could just imagine any bride who doesn't have any idea on her color motif would be overwhelmed with choices ( well I was set on the color burgundy ) but don't worry Ms. Agatha would assist you to make the right choice, I was torn on using different shades of red, but after talking to her I decided to stay with my original choice Burgundy. She is not pushy, she is just hmmm? like a good friend who would listen, give an advice and let you decide afterwards.

Here are some samples of her entourage dresses, pictures are from Cheesecake Facebook page

Don't you just love the colors and how many ways your ladies could wear it on your day.
They would have a synthesized look for they are wearing one color and yet you could let their individual personalities out since they would choose how they could wear it :-).
The cut is flattering for any body shape so it means your ladies would be oozing with confidence, happy and beautiful on your big day.
Plus!!! they could use it for another occasion in another way and have a totally new dress, such a perfect gift for your ladies.

My ladies were excited when I've shown them pictures of the dresses, although some are worried that they wont be able to manage to do it, I just re-assured them that I would give their dresses months in advance and I would include a how-to CD and booklet, so now I just need to get their measurements which is another story hahahahha.

I just can't wait to order my entourage dresses from Cheesecake.. hmmm? maybe I should again get something for myself... our pre-nup is on March?? What should I get? infinity jumpsuit? infinity top? another infinity dress? what color?

Now I am excited!!!

Contact #: 0917.8442842
Facebook Page: Cheesecake Infinity Dresses