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A little note

A little note

Get to know Chuchubells

The year 2013 marked my 40th year of existence, this made me realize that for the years i was called different names in the different stages in my life, it does make someone feel older or as I say a thunderette.

Haiz!! Been such a roller coaster ride.. and the funny thing is I wont change a single thing. All my experiences made me who I am today INDEPENDENT, EMOTIONAL, FUNNY, LOUD, GRUMPY, OPINIONATED, a LOVING BIG sister all rolled into one person ME!!!

Ate Che - to my family who is my reason for living and my siblings who tolerates my crazy and emo side, they do love me!!!

Tita me Emo - to my nephews from Chiquita. Matthew Paul my angel and Jonah Marion my baby. They find my personality weird most of the time, they often wonder why their Tita is so emotional... seriously I cry on almost everything, be it am happy or when am just watching my favorite cartoon movie thus the word Emo stuck.. well the name was from Tickle Me Emo.

Galang - to my class mates in St. Joseph's College, we often call each other by our surname.

 Vicvic - to my college friends in UST and colleagues from Jollibee.

 Balakang - to my Kuya Bart, Marlou, Tolits, and Rodel the gwaping boys of JB Faura miss and love you all :-(

Neng/Tulinday/Asawa - to my Jowaness Rodel, we have to so many pet names but these three are my all time favorite

Sister/Tol - to my adopted siblings in Singapore, can't imagine how i would survive without you guys.

Chuchubells - to my friends from RSH, you were my family in Singapore

Mama Vic - to my loving team from Mango, who have been with me thru thick and thin literally :-)

Vic - to my colleagues in my new career :-) my DREAM job!!!

Ms. Vic - to my students, you make my day everyday :-)

I just can't wait whats my next name would be... Boss? hahahahahaha

The Adventures of Miss Chuchubells was born

I think only a handful of people knows that I used to love to write, well actually its my Highschool friends and jowaness. I have tons of journal then, writing about anything now I wonder why did I stop hmmmmm?

What I remember about writing is the feeling of being able to dish out what I am actually feeling and it does help in dis-stressing me, so when I got engaged (Finally!) I knew I had to find something to channel my stress vibes, so I told myself why not start a blog. 

Initially, I just planned to share my wedding planning adventures but then it just took a life of its own, the first title of my blog was "The Last Adventures of Miss Chuchubells" gets? Last!! hahahaha it's like me documenting my final days of singlehood which now looking back sounded bad hahahah as if I don't want to get hitched hahahahah.

But then after writing a few posts I did realize that I love this so much that I can't let it go after our big why not share all my adventures too and not be limited to my wedding preparation, so I have plans for my blog I just have to categorize which adventures am willing to share hahahahahaha.
Maybe should go by the theme Eat, Pray, Love thing...but then I am not sure how to share the Pray thing part I might go preachy which my siblings might get a heart attack..

So I ditched the LAST and Tadah!! "The Adventures of Miss Chuchubells" is my final blog title. I am so thankful that I have this to keep me sane and busy at times.... so now I just need to decide what Adventures should I share....




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